Volunteer hours in the North Community Catholic Schools

We are one body and one community, and as a community we very much depend upon each member’s time and talent for support. Each North Community Catholic School family is required to work 30 hours of service for a North Community Catholic School or Parish. Any adult can contribute hours on your behalf as long as the SHEET is filled out and signed.

•10 hours must be worked at your North Community Catholic Parish festival, if you have one. If you do not have a festival, you are welcome to work at one of the other North Community parish festivals. There is NOT a maximum limit to work on this project, so all 30 hours could be earned on this project.

•10 hour maximum limit on each of the following per adult: coaching, scouting, committee chairperson, committee member, etc. (i.e. If you are a coach and your spouse is on a committee, you would be eligible for 10 hours for each person and a total of 20 family hours. Coaches can claim 10 hours per adult, per season)

•No maximum limit on the following service opportunities: fish fry, family maintenance nights, classroom volunteer, lunch, recess, or outdoor supervision volunteer, as well as any school or parish service that is not coaching or committee membership.

Once again, we are grateful for all of your support, and it is this spirit of volunteerism that helps maximize opportunities for all students. Please click HERE for a volunteer sheet.