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Welcome to the Blessed Sacrament Campus!


Dear Most Blessed Sacrament School Families,

I am extremely blessed to be able to call Most Blessed Sacrament School my home.  I am excited to see all the students coming back to start the 2018-2019 school year! Every morning when I enter the school, I get excited thinking about the halls and classrooms filled with students, the eagerness of the students and staff to start the year, and the sounds of a new school year starting. While all schools are eagerly awaiting the same thing, we stand apart from other schools.

Our students and staff will work hard this year to make sure we are students of FAITH. Our Students will be:

  • air and Just
  • ccepting responsibility for our choices
  • gniting our passion for learning
  • reating others with respect, love, and kindness
  • elping those in need

Using this as our guide for the year, as well as the Gospel Values, we have a clear vision of how we are to conduct ourselves in and out of the classroom as well as how to achieve success. We will help our students to understand and realize God’s Purpose for them and give them the tools to be successful.

The staff at Most Blessed Sacrament will be guiding students academically as well. We will encourage and nurture the natural curiosity of a student and use it to give them confidence in their learning, and excel in the classroom.  We will teach students to embrace failure as part of the learning process, and not be satisfied until they achieve their goals, and even then continue to push them to go even further.

We offer many extracurricular activities to help the students become well-rounded individuals, being able to explore what interests them. There are many sports that we offer our students of all grades. Our students and staff will work hard to ensure all of our student-athletes are role models both on and off the court/ playing field.

Take some time and explore what our school has to offer. We are an institution that values every child that walks into our building and wants nothing but the absolute best for them. We thank you for being a part of Most Blessed Sacrament School and may God Bless you for this coming school year.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Greg Sattler

Principal, Most Blessed Sacrament School